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File: 1566868270624.jpg–(35.17KB, 480x270, trains-head-on-near-miss-480x270.jpg)
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Welcome to the new 1chan. We're currently testing out Tinyib due to instabilities in the old software. Unfortunately at this time I am unsure if I will be able to import the old threads/images. I still have everything and am working hard to properly convert it. As always please report any bugs you see in this thread!
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An alternative to the unmaintained tinyIB is LynxChan.

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1568558948721.gif–(93.66KB, 200x200, rejoiceapplauseicon.gif)
>hamtard BTFO
1chan memeposting intensifies

sagefail. Bumpan in you're sticky

File: 1567740563790.jpg–(1.35MB, 2048x1365, Nevada Northern 40 4-6-0.jpg)
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steamy weamy >w<
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¨ No.196
TF2 - Engineer: "That just ain't right!"–(YouTube)
>that picture
¨ No.205
Do y'all think we should have a play button over videos?
¨ No.206

File: 1566952531171.jpg–(371.06KB, 1600x1090, 620b031716f610685b33325643f0eeb8.jpg)
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¨ No.108
1567837498005.jpg–(42.72KB, 600x498, Virginian135.jpg)
Virginian Electric Thread? Virginian Electric Thread!
¨ No.200
1568559980889.jpg–(214.68KB, 800x533, 5898003244_1450eb15ca_c.jpg)
>long strange trip.jpg
¨ No.201
1568595578061.jpg–(297.11KB, 1024x658, 32323999416_97c0fc3aac_b.jpg)

I've heard tell that of all the railroads who owned the E33s (or EL-Cs, or EF-4s...) the Illinois Railway Museum is planning to paint theirs in the New Haven scheme.

File: 1567642117605.jpg–(1.64MB, 2736x1730, C80E0277-AE14-480A-B27B-37F97AC10E8A.jpeg)
No.92  [Reply]
New board, new modeling thread. I’m curious as to how many serious modelers we still have around, because I have a question about creating a coal load from some real coal

Pic unrelated, one of the more scenic sections of the N scale layout at the Greensboro club.
¨ No.93
I got a wild hair in me recently and I wanted to model some authentic coal cars for my Virginian 2-8-8-2, so I bought some small chunks of bituminous coal on eBay with the intent of crushing them down and loading them into the hoppers, and then glue them all together to make one mass. Only thing is, I don’t know how to go about pulverizing the coal without just turning it to dust and giving myself miner’s lung, and I thought perhaps there would be someone here with some advice.
¨ No.96
Burr grinder?
¨ No.135
1568177111910.jpg–(52.73KB, 800x452, Granby_smelter_and_Slag_Piles.jpg)
Maybe put the coal into some sort of bag and then hammer it?

When I did the coal loads for the Calgary Model Trainmen Club back in the mid 80's (they still use them!) I used material from the copper slag dump at the former Granby smelter near Grand Forks, British Columbia. The smelter closed in 1919 but they're still processing the black slag into abrasives. Someone in the club scooped up a bucket of it, it looks just like coal and is the right size for HO scale.

File: 1568252347355.jpg–(772.66KB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190904_124420.jpg)
No.143  [Reply]
Okay you nerds, I just got back from a trip to Dublin and London, and you'd better believe I fuckin' foamed to my heart's content. I hope you're ready for a massive dump of rail related images. I'll keep it on topic and spare you the rest of the vacation photos because, honestly, who gives a shit about ancient mummies in The British Museum, amirite? Trains or GTFO.

My wife and I went to the Guinness storehouse. She actually has an interest in Guinness and somehow enjoys the stuff; I wanted to see the museum and find out if the black stuff actually tastes any better in Ireland. (It does, but just barely. It's still bitter bullshit.)

This little thing is a diesel electric locomotive built in 1955 by a company called Planet (where else do I know that name from?) to switch out the 3 foot gauge industrial railway that Guinness operated to move shit around the brewery. I don't envy these drivers in the fuckin' slightest because this thing was tiny. It was barely taller than me, and I definitely would have had a hard time fitting in the cab. I guess this is how Guinness employed leprechauns or something.
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¨ No.187
1568261855568.jpg–(1.60MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190910_080418.jpg)
And last but not least, the last train I rode on this trip. The Piccadilly line provides service to Heathrow airport. Some trains go straight into the airport and serve the station for terminals two and three, then head into the station for terminal 5 and lay over there. Other trains, like the one shown, take this loop where they go into the airport, stop at terminal four for a few minutes, then loop back around to the station for terminals two and three and back towards central London. This sometimes necessitates holding at terminal four for a few minutes to wait for the schedule to catch up to you, which is what this train was doing when I shot the photo.

Except for getting stung by that fucking wasp, this trip was awesome. There was so much more I did besides the train stuff, but we'll talk about that another time. This was my first trip abroad as an adult, and I like to think I spent the time well. Dublin was great for the culture; London was great for the museums. I might plan another trip over to Ireland to explore a bit more of the country by rail in the future.
¨ No.189
>and find out if the black stuff actually tastes any better in Ireland. (It does, but just barely. It's still bitter bullshit.)
Guinness is far from my favorite beer(I'm not partial to stouts), but it's even farther from being bitter garbage. You're still a good person even if you have no taste in beer, Tex. Go have another Shinerbock. I won't judge.
¨ No.190
I really don't like beers at all, to be frank, but Guinness is one of those that I can't even drink if it's the only thing there and I'm not already drunk. Stouts in general don't sit well with me.

File: 1568157307476.jpg–(157.29KB, 1700x956, 5d77e73de4302.image.jpg)
No.134  [Reply]
Don't see a thread for this so here is one.
Lets discuss derailments. This one is recent that happened in Dupo IL on the UP. Anyone have any inside info?

No.124  [Reply]
Why are we still here?
¨ No.126
1568054573068.jpg–(257.61KB, 1024x701, CBNS-2034 MLW C630M, Sydney, NS.jpg)
Because we like discussing trains in a chan-style format.

File: 1567342820739.jpg–(21.82KB, 377x379, 41-w9stXq9L.jpg)
No.66  [Reply]
Federal narcotics agents board Amtrak's "Southwest Chief" at its break stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to make "random searches" for narcotics and cash. But are there those within Amtrak riding a gravy train by railroading its own passengers?

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¨ No.95
1567702224083.jpg–(736.21KB, 2105x1023, laivaovi2.jpg)
Uh, so from my neutral small country perspective this is pretty inexcusable. Going "uh, uh, they don't have right to do that, why didn't you say no" doesn't quite work with neither police nor militia (okay, it has been police for some time now)... And neither two party turbo-capitalistic corporatocracy nor the leading party and the friend's toy parties oiligarchy (misspelling intentional) seems pretty comfy places to be in lately.

They tried walking the dogs in crowd once in Tampere, everyone got quite upset, front page news and it hasn't happened since. This is definitely a small nation perk. You 150-300 million continent sized populations can't have that :( We do have our problems though, but nothing pressing. I hear things aren't going so swimmingly in either of the former and or to be former superpowers lately. So yeah, politics is to be handled with gloved hands.

Since the thread has been a complete shipwreck, I guess I could mention that after drifting about 3 years, I ended up handling cable and cable accessories in a shipyard. It's work that funds my substance problem, and I aren't even kidding. It is also good workout, though you get definitely adequate lunches from the mess hall. All in all, things are breddy good and they don't do piss tests.
¨ No.120
Some time ago, I guess 4-5 years or so, I took the Southwest Chief from LA to Illinois for business. I didn't go all the way to Chicago, I stopped at some middle-of-nowhere station to take an Amtrak bus to my final destination. Well, the bus was running on Amtrak Time <TM>, so I had the chance to familiarize myself with the station. There wasn't anything of interest, so I'll skip that. In any case, there were only two other people waiting with me: a young, headphone-wearing guy, and a schizophrenic black woman. I say schizophrenic because of all the talking at nobody about nothing she was doing.

Well, after waiting for a while, some policemen entered the station, approached me, and asked me where I rode from. Being the naive young guy I was, I said LA, and they asked to search my luggage. Being the naive young guy I was, I let them. All I had in there was clothing and some food and water, anyway. The schizophrenic lady was going off on how the fuzz was searching through the one person in the station there on actual business. Nobody else was searched, and nothing else eventful happened after that.

There's no moral to this story. It's just the only time I've been searched by the cops. Probably I could have said no to being searched, but even today I don't know whether that would have been the right thing to do.
¨ No.122
> All they had to do was say "no" and that would be the end of it.

In my experience, that sounds nice in theory but rarely works.

File: 1567228746515.jpg–(50.36KB, 400x377, sadness_.jpg)
No.51  [Reply]
Just found this place. Still in development? Active users? Anything?
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¨ No.65
1567342085856.jpg–(26.68KB, 300x300, 101986b.jpg)

¨ No.106

¨ No.107
1567825712261.jpg–(356.83KB, 2048x1378, EDvkpaqWsAAT0wr.jpg)
this software seems to work without breaking itself every post, so it'll probably get more traffic than the last one did

No.30  [Reply]
In the starting post I shall mention what I know: the Jokioinen museum railway. 14 km of 750mm mainline track and a short (re)extension the to shore of Loimijoki-river to a more suitable place for a terminus in the works. After that, it would be full 15 km.

In the video attached there is plenty of footage from their depot at Minkiö. Outside sits the "regular train" which they use on normal operating days. The blue engine sitting outside the shed is also the one most used, "Lovisa & Wesijärvi nr 5". The various old timey machines seen on flat cars are linked to annual agricultural fairs; unloading all that and setting them to idle for a day is one of their party tricks. Recently, they also drove special that train for a German filming crew. As stated in the old board, that train is so long that they legitimately need extra brakemen in the middle of the train too.

ps. Can has catalog and or referrer links? :(
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¨ No.102
1567712462331.jpg–(508.05KB, 1332x1000, jokioinen-extension.jpg)
Phase 2 will take it to the final destination. There's even a little waiting shed waiting on a flat car, from Humppila, from time before it got a proper station building.

During the passenger traffic days ending in the 50s they had rail motors, actually. Anyway, during that time, thet had their own platform at and used VR station's waiting room. Minkiö, jokioinen and Forssa had stations, only Minkiö remains.
¨ No.103
1567712889666.jpg–(523.61KB, 1900x581, asema.jpg)
This this the magic of the best and purest hash from the sheik Hassan bin Shabban's secret gardens, mixed with West "the Mika Haekkinen -tobacco", as I like to call it,, fueled by Gin longdrink.

Here's a final picture, from the station building. This is bu the smalles standard blue prints of VR, from 1901
¨ No.104
1567713002466.jpg–(424.76KB, 1900x529, asema2.jpg)
Okay, this is the final image. "Here it comes!"

Notice the old tiny waiting shed tucked away on a flat car.

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