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File: 1596316384355.webm–(2.58MB, 854x480, 0:20, GO_Train_at_level_crossing.webm.480p.webm)
No.2249 Stickied  [Reply]
Howdy folks! I've been working on some updates to the board and am ready to publish them. Lets get started with the ones that effect users the most.

.Webm files are now supported. Because of this I've also upped the max file size to 8 MB.

Next, we now have a Catalog. You can ask Tex, I've been working on this since we changed software. The Catalog is still in beta, improvements will be a default thumbnail for text-only posts and proper clipping of text.

The last big one is the new ability to lock threads. Generally in the past if a thread went off the rails it was just deleted. This also meant any useful info was deleted too.
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¨ No.2291
I locked that thread, Admins are still able to reply after a thread is locked. Go read the post I made explaining why it was locked.
¨ No.2293
Thank you.
¨ No.2295
ham baby please don't get your panties in a bunch

File: 1592620727157.png–(23.78KB, 1279x377, sc44_blonk.png)
No.1932  [Reply]
So, Amtrak has on order of Siemens ALC-44, the long distant variant of the SC-44 Charger. They should be coming in the new and improved phase 7 paint scheme. Hopefully this is not a copy of the geometric dust livery of the new Acela IIs.

So... What is it? What does that mean? What would you do? Main thing is silver with red, white, and blue accents are typical of Amtrak.
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¨ No.2296
1596646517570.jpg–(77.33KB, 1024x663, ALC42_Charger_PHASE-VI_Final-3QTR-1024x663.jpg)
Is this what you were referring to? Jesus, this is bad.
¨ No.2297
1596646669873.jpg–(350.72KB, 2560x1657, ALC42_Charger_PHASE-VI_Final-ALL_SIDES-1-scaled.jp)
I'm legitimately concerned for the well being of the individual responsible for this. It feels like a cry for help. Who is hurting you, little graphic designer?
¨ No.2301
I like the body style more, the streamlined top ends in a smooth point instead of an abrupt crease. The original SC-44 body style looked like a horizontal slice of a streamlined train lain on top of a horizontal slice of an angular train. It made me uncomfortable.

The proposed paint job is pretty tacky though.

File: 1585786074430.jpg–(88.25KB, 850x478, train-mercy-derail-april-1-2020.jpg)
No.1580  [Reply]
The USNS Mercy, a hospital ship docked in the Port of Los Angeles to aid local hospitals by taking on non-Covid-19 cases, way the subject of an attempted attack today. An engineer for the Pacific Harbor Lines attempted to ram the ship with a locomotive because he was "suspicious" of the true intent of the ship and its crew.

The locomotive stopped 250 yards short of the ship, in one of the grandest and most spectacular failures I've ever seen.

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¨ No.2292
I really don't think it'll be released. It's not like it's bodycam footage or something like that. It'll be evidence in a criminal investigation. I really don't think it will ever get officially released.
¨ No.2298
NTSB tends to release 3D recreations sometimes showing camera perspective if available. Although Tex is right, it will be years from now.
¨ No.2300
It seems that, generally speaking, if there are no deaths depicted in the video footage, then The NTSB releases the video once the trial is wrapped up.

Embed: IGBT-VVVF Inverter Sound outside of a Kinki Sharyo SLRV - DART–(YouTube)
No.2277  [Reply]

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¨ No.2287
I was trying to find the sound of the inverter on the original Tangara sets as it started to accelerate, noting ages ago that they were perfect octaves as it shifted, but I couldn't find it verbatim. These kinda scratch that itch though.
¨ No.2294
I love the look of the DART cars. Very cool.
¨ No.2299
I like them subjectively because I grew up with them. I was about five when the service started, and seeing the big, shiny new DART trains left quite the impression on young Tex. I dislike them objectively because they're absolutely massive, hulking trains, and only have a slight bit more grace than a brick with one corner ground off.

No.2288  [Reply]

Made french toast recently and so I'm bookmarking this here.

File: 1596522283887.jpg–(124.13KB, 857x440, EFC8223B-9765-4B1C-9CAE-C11547B01FD5.jpeg)
No.2284  [Reply]
I like how they just put a trolley pole to an ordinary six axle and called it a day.

File: 1596311726445.jpg–(70.83KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1596236331859.jpg)
No.2240  [Reply]
Saw this on Facebook. What the actual f***?
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¨ No.2272
>The question is why would you do this?
Scrappers and vandals. (But I repeat myself.)
There's an RS-3 down in TN somewhere that was abandoned in place when a tourist railroad went defunct. Picked apart, picked clean, and shat on for good measure.
Pisses me off...
¨ No.2273
1596424825819.jpg–(1.75MB, 1440x1024, image0.jpg)
Tennessee Railroad (reporting mark TENN) Oneida to Fork Mountain, Tennessee.
NS filed to abandon in 2005, but instead sold to National Coal Corporation. NCC selected Watco Companies LLC to operate the line, but they only ever ran one train.
From 2008 to 2010, New River Railway ran tourist trains, but that went bust and they left the equipment to rot.
Apparently since I looked into this last, they're finally getting around to officially abandoning the line and doing a rail-to-trail.

This is why I don't keep up with this shit anymore. There's never any good news.
¨ No.2281
This has nothing to do with its abandoned nature and has everything to do with.
1.) Itty bitty prime mover it's almost smaller than the generator
2.) A control and that makes absolutely no sense is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

File: 1594165549587.jpg–(62.90KB, 480x360, o0480036013575817098.jpg)
No.2018  [Reply]
You are now aware there's a TV show on NHK World called Railway Journal, hosted by an Aussie (right), a Japanese prof at some university (left), and a rotating 3rd host

And someone has uploaded all their episodes to Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1WzVzpXOzJ1LpH-QC4GaDA
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¨ No.2267
Isn’t there like an entire Japanese political party against the NHK?
¨ No.2270
Reading 2ch it’s usually something about the NHK being biased, politically correct, and sends TV tax collectors to your door to harass you unless you pay up (so in all regards exactly like the BBC in every way). People have now sued and successfully won against the NHK, but it’s so many hoops to jump through they just keep on doing it
¨ No.2271
Yes I am a racist. Yes I hate Trump. Yes I am a Maoist

Embed: Army Experiments In Train Derailment & Sabotage - 1944 - CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage–(YouTube)
No.2144  [Reply]
reddit told me about you guys. i think i found my imageboard home!

this is some distressing anti-train content but it's really fascinating to see how resilient railways are to defects that one things might be fatal
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¨ No.2258
Wonder if any of these people from reddit ended up coming back.

P.S. Catalog brought me here, normally don't go past the first page.
¨ No.2262
They knew it was easey to do on a curve. They needed to figure out how to do it on a straight away. When you're a saboteur in enemy territory you need to deal with the hand you got.
¨ No.2264
Go back

File: 1596386599294.jpg–(132.96KB, 500x464, F6C8F7F2-8391-41C6-ADA7-0A7FC03271E5.jpeg)
No.2259  [Reply]
He made the trains run on time
¨ No.2260
Not actually true, the train system in Italy was nearly destroyed after WWI, its rebuilding was delayed by the Great Depression, but mostly took place before Musolini came to power.

So basically the politicians before Musolini got this all started, and he swooped in and took credit. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/loco-motive/

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