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File: 1615183687568.jpg–(774.94KB, 2047x1372, 20061456814_18987dfdaa_k.jpg)
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I've been thinking about what's the best way to start a preservation plan for a locomotive. Namely the Rock Island SD40-2s which seems to be the last intact class of locomotives from that railroad. Six are at Wisconsin and Southern, three at Northshore Mining, and one on the Ohio Central. Knocking on wood the W&S ones should be in good hands while the real danger would be the ones at NSM. Saving one would be great, saving 5 would be grand, but saving all 10 would be a dream goal. Before I could start a serious case I would like to your guys' thoughts. What's a good way to start?
¨ R No.3403
1615241131770.jpg–(1.07MB, 1200x819, showimage234.jpg)
The best way to start would be to have a solid plan to present to the current owners as far as what you're going to do with an SD40-2 goes. Will it be in a museum? A park display? Will it be repainted by the museum or will you ask the railroad to paint it before donating it? Are you prepared to buy it, and if so, how much can you raise to buy the engine and pay for the costs to transport it to wherever it goes? For that matter, why does the museum want one? Will it be well-cared for, or will it become another sad rustbucket? Will it operate in preservation, or will it end up on static display? A lot of museums these days are de-accessioning equipment as they focus down what their museum is really about. Sure, a Rock Island SD40-2 would be cool to have, but it doesn't help the North Carolina Transportation Museum tell the story of the Southern Railway in their town.

I can't imagine for a second that you would find a place to gather and preserve all ten (nor can I imagine why you would want to) but preserving one seems likely. Anyway, once you have a solid plan (and I *MEAN* Solid, like all involved parties are on board, ready-to-go and the financing is arranged) send a letter to the W&S and find out that you're 107th in line behind a ton of other museums requesting the same piece.

Keep in mind that when you see the Class 1s willing to interact with a museum in the form of donations or events or whatever, it's because that museum is reliable, a good part of their community, their collection is well-cared-for, and their programs paint the Class 1s in a good light.

More than likely, WSOR will run their SD40-2s into the ground if they don't sell them to someone else first, and then that someone else will do the same. Be prepared to make a lot of noise about it if you have to. There are plenty of legends of trains that SHOULD have been preserved going to scrap, simply because somebody dropped the ball somewhere.

Pic Related, there's a LOT of cool stuff in this picture that would do well to be preserved, but it's probably all going to scrap.

File: 1569261409915.jpg–(139.96KB, 528x531, train-images-07.jpg)
R No.242  [Reply]
In which the plan is to mention books and other reading matter that may be of interest to anoraks, foamers, gunzels and/or tetsu-ota.
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¨ R No.3398
>>3395 – Weight distributio is certainly a part of it. The lighter a car is, the more prone it is to 'climb the rail' in turns, especially sharp ones. Has to do with the wheel flanges rubbing against the rail. If you have ever seen an automobile tyre rub against a pavement/sidewalk and promptly climb up onto it…
¨ R No.3399
https://archive.org/details/standardcodeofam00amer – ARA (pre-AAR) rulebook, April 1887.
https://archive.org/details/rulebookofameric00amer – ARA (pre-AAR) rulebook, August 1914.

https://archive.org/details/lettersfromanold44853gut and
https://archive.org/details/lettersfromoldra00hineuoft – Letters From an Old Railway Official to His Son, a Division Superintendent
https://archive.org/details/lettersfromanold45444gut and
https://archive.org/details/lettersfromoldra00hinerich – Letters From an Old Railway Official to His Son, a General Manager
¨ R No.3400
There's even a formula to calculate if a railcar will ride/rode up over the rail called the Nadal formula. L/V=>.5, or lateral force divided by vertical force. If it exceeds .5, you're climbing curves!

File: 1611684479541.jpg–(202.54KB, 740x432, Amtrak_Anniversary_Paich.jpg)
R No.3201  [Reply]
It's time for an Amtrak thread. Pictured here is #46, the 50th Anniversary Amtrak locomotive. Was supposed to pull President Biden's Inaugural Train, but we had a shitheel infestation at the capital.
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¨ R No.3323
1613756694993.jpg–(185.59KB, 1046x588, 459 resized.jpg)
I hear these things are getting replaced by Siemens Charger locos (Which have a 4-stroke Cummins prime mover).
Which does 1chan prefer?
¨ R No.3329

I like how dependable the F59PHI was, but it seems its time has come.
¨ R No.3394
The Amtrak Cardinal : 24 hours in a Roomette through the Appalachians during fall–(YouTube)
This European kid on the "Simply Railways" YouTube account sure makes these Amtrak trains look nice, despite being the intercity passenger rail service of this country of backwards bumpkins who cling to their cars and airplanes.

File: 1586015198936.jpg–(498.35KB, 1200x716, 1269869.jpg)
R No.1604  [Reply]
Yaknow, since people want to have one, here it is. Not just Russian (nevermind yours truly), in general discussing (preferably with pictures) metro, tram/LRT systems ALL OVER THE WORLD, and overall urban public transit systems, since this IS a very slow board and we don't care much about thematic oversaturation.
I don't remember if there is a dedicated metro thread, ideally you would wanna assign it for a different thread since most metros are far different from other LRTs, but again, see the previous sentence.

Starting off... hm, it's hard to pick just one, let's go with this cozy pic of the Volgograd metro-tram (LRT) system.
While it is based on the tram, using similar or the same rolling stock as other Russian tram systems, it has a fully dedicated infrastructure (with some metro-like stations) and uses some parts of the metro signalling/safety equipment. Also in the future it might be some day connected to the city's normal tram network.
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¨ R No.3391
The Legendary Soviet KTM-5 Tram: Defeats And Victories, Joy And Sorrow, Hope And Desperation–(YouTube)
¨ R No.3392
Not my picture, but I wish I could ride an MBTA Type 9, I just don't get on the T as much as I used too, considering this rolling stock has been around 2018.
¨ R No.3393
1614985909832.jpg–(192.17KB, 1125x750, Type_9_on_first_day_of_revenue_service,_December_2)
Wow, I'm a fucking idiot, forgot the picture, how do I imageboard again?

File: 1571543627709.jpg–(366.94KB, 928x924, railroadsoundsof00newy.jpg)
R No.528  [Reply]
Here would accumulate musical pieces, tunes, songs and other sounds likely to interest and attract the assorted anoraks, foamers, gunzels and tetsu-ota.
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¨ R No.2828
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96hIOaJJ3fc – Eisenbahneried
"Railwaymen's Song" is an East German song to the railwaymen and their contribution to the people's weellbeing.
¨ R No.2864
Coronation Scot - Vivian Ellis Introduction–(YouTube)

Coronation Scot the musical piece, with glimpses of the locomotive.
¨ R No.3389
Freight Train - Chet Atkins–(YouTube)

File: 1614694270557.jpg–(35.10KB, 700x394, nidderau_hessen.jpg)
R No.3374  [Reply]

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¨ R No.3381
So how long did the bearings last after being underwater? I assume they were friction and not roller due to the age of the photos.
¨ R No.3386
Is it secure for a steam locomotive to be that close to water? I think the boiler might explode if it get in contact with that water.
¨ R No.3388
1614877481202.jpg–(134.80KB, 1024x738, 1961 mail train at Hyvinkää.jpg)
I don't recall reading anything about equipment breakages so I suppose everything was checked and accordingly maintained after the day's run.

All journal bearings, to the end in the narrowgauge side. Timing of this flood is just "30-39" (maybe if I had the book, I'd know exactly) but that must be the correct because there are two passenger cars in a regular train.

File: 1614464946310.png–(53.62KB, 426x621, 1614450167695.png)
R No.3360  [Reply]
Has anyone here ever met Howard Hyatt or Don Neish?
¨ R No.3364
1614478403991.png–(432.83KB, 1012x241, bear-honey.PNG)
Someone on here once claimed to
¨ R No.3387
Le 4chon army assemble

File: 1614622371802.jpg–(318.62KB, 740x493, Talgos_Move_Carter.jpg)
R No.3368  [Reply]

Mixed feelings.
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¨ R No.3372
>railcars do not like hitting a bridge, highway or any other sort of lineside structure

who could have predicted this?

crashworthiness is a meme spread by rolling stock manufacturers to get us to scrap perfectly good trains.
¨ R No.3378
>railcars do not hold up to the force of being dropped onto a highway and being piled onto by successive cars

Important if true
¨ R No.3383
1614817624264.jpg–(208.01KB, 1280x960, IMG00014.JPG)
The "crashworthiness" of the Talgo sets had been a controversy since Day 1. The only reason why the government let them run in the first place was because of a grandfather clause from when ACF built Talgo sets decades before.

All that said, it's sad that they're gonna meet such a horrible fate. Those Talgo sets were what made the Cascades line unique.

Embed: Germany's 27-Year Struggle to Complete a Rail Project–(YouTube)
R No.3382  [Reply]
Apparently years-long delays, cost overruns, and public opposition to massive rail infrastructure projects aren't just a California thing.

File: 1608499527004.jpg–(360.82KB, 810x660, 20201220_162413.jpg)
R No.2969  [Reply]
Guess what I did.
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¨ R No.3103
1610233464323.jpg–(105.57KB, 1270x974, img194.jpg)
Well that proves it since there's no way you could possibly know your own name and type it into a web form that sends you a text.

FFS even I know your name and I'm some nobody.

Pic unrelated.
¨ R No.3136
Can someone please explain what is happening in this thread. I'm very confused.
¨ R No.3369
Ham being ham.

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