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File: 1581476409727.jpg–(58.28KB, 600x450, 51F27926-E44D-4839-A235-F1BEE67DC81C.jpeg)
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>class 40 thread
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¨ No.1336
The livery’s ok.
¨ No.1337
1581936579823.jpg–(220.61KB, 1500x839, 2ТЭ126-0001.jpg)
Man, Russian railfans for some reason are just drooling over black liveries. Europeans like them too as far as I know.

Yes I noticed these are runners. Still looks kinda wonky that a Co-Co loco made in the 50s would still need conventional runners. But good thing they managed to decrease the weight in the future version. Which reminds me of a much more cheeky, much more distinctly Soviet use of runners...

Some might remember me ranting on it at some point. Cue 2TE126, 2-unit 20-axle diesel locomotive with two V16 320/320 mm type 4D56 diesels making a combined 16000 (SIXTEEN THOUSAND) horsepower. Yes, twenty axles. The axle formula of each unit is 1+Bo+Bo-Bo+Bo+1, the diesel was so massive that with 8 axles per unit the locomotive would have exceeded maximum axle load of 25 tons, so they had to add runners. But they weren't ordinary runners, by the finalized project these were variable load runners, which through a system of pneumatic cylinders should have been able to transfer part of their load to the motorized axles increasing the axle load to 27 tf on low speeds, which is still safe for the tracks but noticeably increases maximum tractive effort (in theory up to 10 tf of boost) exactly when you need it the most.
The prototype built was actually tested with unboosted version of the 4D56 making 6000 HP (if finished successfully there were plans to introduce a V12 making 6000 HP on smaller locomotives such as 2TE136). But...
It all was just before the collapse of USSR which almost literally shattered our diesel locomotive engineering and set it decades back. [thank you, Reagan] Just think of this. If this project would have been completed...

This is an absolute, unchallenged, pinnacle of diesel locomotive engineering. It's over 30 years since its creation yet nothing can even remotely rival it, there is nothing even similar to this, not even on paper. Imagine if only this project survived... I guess now I know how it feels to loose something like an Apollo program. Something so ancient yet so advanced.
¨ No.1338
1581938376717.jpg–(465.66KB, 1200x788, 267056.jpg)
AAAAND I accidentally took yet another get. But oh don't worry, 2TE126 sure is some L33T loco...

File: 1580615392828.jpg–(52.43KB, 600x837, FEC 113 OG.jpg)
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FEC mini-dump
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¨ No.1322
1581538501935.jpg–(1.08MB, 2560x1440, 20190723_073215.jpg)
you could consider me the resident FEC enthusiast
¨ No.1329
It's one of my goals to make that trip one day. I love looking at photos of the reused bridges.
¨ No.1335
If you do it, make sure you're passing Islamorada and entering the start of the middle keys by sunrise. There is absolutely nothing else on earth as beautiful as watching the sun rise over a long span of concrete arches in the morning.

File: 1569261409915.jpg–(139.96KB, 528x531, train-images-07.jpg)
No.242  [Reply]
In which the plan is to mention books and other reading matter that may be of interest to anoraks, foamers, gunzels and/or tetsu-ota.
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¨ No.1290
¨ No.1292
https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.19587 — "Electric and Diesel-Electric Locomotives" (1948)
An appendix in this book has specs and numbers for quite a few (diesel-)electric locomotives, mostly interwar types.
¨ No.1334
Radio experiments on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR using AM around 156 MHz.


Radio experiments on the Rock Island RR using FM around 2660 MHz.

File: 1575168609202.jpg–(29.49KB, 220x311, Railways_film_poster.jpg)
No.923  [Reply]
A thread for random features, movies and related AV (audio-visual) material that may hold the interest of assorted anoraks, foamers, gunzels and tetsu-ota.
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¨ No.1328
Gutted I missed the posting of this originally.

Soundtrack by Vangelis too.
¨ No.1332
The Japanese Girls Who Survived The Atomic Bomb–(YouTube)

A documentary about the tram-driving schoolgirls in Hiroshima.
¨ No.1333
Wir die Lokführer–(YouTube)
"We the Train Drivers"

The music is "Flora's Secret" by Enya.

File: 1580982688965.jpg–(89.82KB, 640x373, 1-metrolink_graffiti.jpg)
No.1294  [Reply]
I don't think passenger rail has a future in America anymore. Trains in America are only good for hauling freight. Hauling freight makes money, and is run by corporations. Which is good, in Capitalist America. Meanwhile, hauling people is unprofitable, and is done by the government. That is Socialism, which has no place in Capitalist America.

There will never be high-speed rail in America.

Delta Dick Anderson will dismantle Amtrak before a profit is made, because he's only there to serve the interests of the airline corporations.

It's cheaper to fly. It's cheaper to take the intercity bus. It's cheaper to drive. Americans only care about paying less.

If you ride Amtrak, you're just riding the train for riding the train's sake. Otherwise, you're supporting an unsustainable method of transportation that needs to be phased out completely.

If you ride rail transit, you're a filthy peasant.

If you ride a train in America, you are riding with SOCIALISM!
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¨ No.1317
I think that's pretty funny. Got any more?
¨ No.1323
Well you guys just have pretty frontier way of doing things in your continent. It was all done by the Gubment, originally, here or incredibly old money and roaylty way.

Like everyone just knew that the old thing will be dismantled because the next fad too the business.
¨ No.1330

File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
No.54  [Reply]
Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
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¨ No.1325
1581623677102.jpg–(63.34KB, 640x512, ttc crash2.jpg)
some CLRV gore
¨ No.1326
1581623737478.jpg–(65.06KB, 640x512, ttc crash3.jpg)

¨ No.1327
1581623839772.jpg–(442.68KB, 1504x1000, DSC_0481.JPG)
China Town

File: 1581353453230.jpg–(333.89KB, 1080x608, 110202084652.jpg)
No.1307  [Reply]
A little close for comfort. This is why I stand well clear at crossings.

¨ No.1308
1581353636619.jpg–(223.10KB, 1024x576, 110202085225.jpg)
An axel and what looks like a chunk of rail.
¨ No.1309
1581359499523.jpg–(2.50MB, 4032x2268, 20191213_145420.jpg)
Nah, just looks like a chunk of a tie to me. It seems way too thick and I didn't see any big chunks missing.

That guy was a total moron for not getting further away immediately. In a curve like that they're going to string line and can easily roll over.
¨ No.1324
Running away doesn’t get the /views/ though
You know how many videos there are on YouTube of a live derailment happening on camera? Too few. And they all carry high view counts

File: 1580665584198.png–(2.11MB, 2000x4000, 1580603130734-min.png)
No.1278  [Reply]
Come on down for the party we all love trains as much as you and we will provide you with a gf
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¨ No.1305
is her name hamantha
¨ No.1315
Tex did too.
¨ No.1318
I think I've mentioned the fact that I'm married once or twice, in the context of "my wife and I went and saw [x thing]", which I think is a tad bit different than this.

File: 1574209341539.jpg–(77.24KB, 640x646, 0x37882.jpg)
No.671  [Reply]
Post gore
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¨ No.1157
1579510870961.jpg–(122.79KB, 704x938, received_518334578776709.jpeg)
I am sitting in a train station in Poland and remembered you guys exist. Here's a photo of when some gypsies tried to steal some cable but they fucked it up, it took fucking ages clearing the mess up.
¨ No.1310
Fuckin gypsies. Why don't y'all remove that trash from the gene pool?
¨ No.1311
Go away

Embed: Lumsden locomotive emerges from mud after 93 years–(YouTube)
No.1291  [Reply]

¨ No.1295
john titor?

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